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As Yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years. It is a healing system involving theory and practice in a combination of breathing exercises, meditation and physical postures. Yoga aims to train the conscious mind and body towards a state of spiritual insight and peace via the path of action, knowledge and devotion.

At YOGAZOO children are taught how to unlock their own inner powers and potential. We believe that to be healthier, happier individuals we all need to be grounded and flexible. This is a basic tenet that was established by the Indian sages and gurus who initially developed the idea of yoga. They were inspired by their natural world and learnt from the animals and plants around them.

YOGAZOO has incorporated many programs that work towards getting to the different layers of the child, namely, the physical body, the mental layer and the spiritual level.

Our yoga classes for children serve as an education through yogic vision and are designed for:

Pre-school: 2 years to 6 years

At this age, play is the best form of education. Pre schoolers experience enormous physical and mental development. Children are naturally curious and the best way to enhance intelligence and creativity is by providing interesting and appropriate stimulation. Additionally, at this age giving the child the ability to voluntarily control actions or emotions is a valuable lesson for life and future development.

This is also an age when children are highly teachable and trainable and so can readily respond to yoga. The pre school years are formative times for language, more accurate perceptions, communication and logical reasoning. Yoga helps the growth of these areas while also introducing discipline and creativity.

Pre-adolescence: 7 years to 14 years

According to Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the regression of the pineal gland during the pre adolescence years is what leads to adjustment and emotional issues. Yoga techniques can help maintain the health of the pineal gland and may also delay the onset of its decay that is believed to bring about the typical emotional and mental changes that affect children of this age. Our specially designed 11 month courses are like paths to happiness that work at the physical, emotional or behavioural, mental and creative aspects of the child.

About YOGAZOO Founders

Mrs. Ravinder Kaur

Ravinder is a qualified "Yoga Shiromani" and "Bhaskara of Yoga" from the renowned International Sivananda Vedanta Centre. In addition to this, she has completed her Teacher's Training Course from the Yoga Institute, Mumbai. Also, she is a trained/competent counselor and has done her Foundations in Yoga Philosophy from Mumbai University. She has vast experience in the field of yoga, which spans almost 30 years.

Mrs. Jasmeet Kaur

Jasmeet is a counselor and qualified teacher from the Yoga Institute, Mumbai. She received a diploma in Foundations in Yoga Philosophy from Mumbai University. Her experience in the field is vast and includes nine years as a Community Welfare Patron teaching value education at - Guru Gyan Club. She has fine tuned the art of teaching and interacting with children through experiential learning.

Ravinder and Jasmeet's belief in the power of yoga culminated in the foundation of YOGAZOO in 2007. Through YOGAZOO, they endeavored to provide a platform where the goodness of yoga could be shared with children.

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