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Parents Testimonials

"Jasmeet and Ravinder run the YOGAZOO classes with dedication, compassion and understanding. My child has learnt so much in terms of relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and I feel it has helped him control his temper tantrums and made him more flexible." - Mrs Anita Antao (Simon 2 yrs)

"I did the parent and child duo session with YOGAZOO and both my four year old son and I had a wonderful time. He is keen to join up and learn all the fun poses like the Lazy Rabbit, I Am A Warrior and Peanut Butter Jelly poses. He also enjoyed the A-U-M chanting and prasad distribution at the end of the class. It is a universal class that views yoga from a scientific stand point. I am certainly signing him up for YOGAZOO classes." - Mrs Priya Moizuddin (Rehan 4 yrs)

"It has been a transformational experience for both of us as our son being hyperactive takes instructions & enjoys company of his friends & plays in group now.He chants the universal prayer taught to him in class, btw I too chant the same as its one of the most secular prayer I have heard." - Mrs Kamath (Vir 6 yrs)

"I like Yogazoo coz it has help me to think positive and made my body flexible & energetic. It has calm down my nature & keeps me stressfree." (Mehek Agarwal-Grade 4 Universal School)

"We have learn Yoga through games too. I first thought Yoga is very boring, but this is a fun class.I have learnt very interesting things. I have also discovered that Yoga means joining the body & mind together." - (Grade 5 Universal School)

" I use to have lot of breathing problems at night. But after doing breathing exercises now i can sleep well & i also do my chanting at night. Thank you YOGAZOO" - (Divinia- Grade 4)

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  1. Improves physical and general health.
  2. Boosts mental health, concentration, knowledge, memory power and could also help in treating specific illnesses and conditions.
  3. Great for maintaining a healthy body and fighting illness.
  4. Children learn to develop better body awareness, flexibility, self-control and coordination.
  5. It acts as a stress buster and a discipline that can serve well throughout life.
  6. Yoga can keep a control on weight gain and also build stamina.
  7. Increases imagination, visualization, vocalization and cultivation of one's own personality.