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  • YOGAZOO draws from the combined strength, experience and knowledge of its founders to present a structured, scientific curriculum that inculcates yoga through Asanas, Pranayams, Meditation and Relaxation.
  • Participants of YOGAZOO program are taught techniques and strategies that calm the mind and help with improved attention, concentration as well as heightened awareness and alertness.
  • Our yoga postures and movement games assist students in valuing and respecting their bodies while also improving strength, balance, flexibility and stamina that aid in better performance and reduction of injuries.
  • The non competitive structure allows each child to develop at his/her own pace in a creative manner conducive to maintaining healthy habits.
  • In this fast paced life, with pressures increasing from all directions, a child can only benefit from being taught how to control his/her mind and body.

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  1. Improves physical and general health.
  2. Boosts mental health, concentration, knowledge, memory power and could also help in treating specific illnesses and conditions.
  3. Great for maintaining a healthy body and fighting illness.
  4. Children learn to develop better body awareness, flexibility, self-control and coordination.
  5. It acts as a stress buster and a discipline that can serve well throughout life.
  6. Yoga can keep a control on weight
    gain and also build stamina.
  7. Increases imagination, visualization, vocalization and cultivation of one's own personality.