Choosing the Right Mat for Little Yogis

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Choosing the Right Mat for Little Yogis

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Choosing the Right Mat for Little Children Yogis

‘A yoga mat is the weapon of kalyug’ – YogaZoo

Yes, we truly believe that yoga is what will equip us to face a future full of uncertainties. And the humble mat plays an important role in developing an affinity for this life sustaining practice. 

Now let’s get one thing clear – one size doesn’t fit all. As yoga teachers, we’ve observed that children feel more comfortable when they have mats that fit them. We often forget that kids live in an adult-size world. They like things that are specially built for them. They want mats that are ‘just like their parents’ but in their size. 

We are not advocating mini mats but if we want children to take up yoga as a lifelong practice, then it is necessary to equip them with the gear. It’s important to choose the right mats for children to avoid breaks and falls. ‘Chatti’, towels, bed sheets or standard exercise mats are a no go. These simply lack the stickiness or the traction that is needed for many of the yoga poses. 

Here are some mat related tips that will help bring out the ‘yoga vibe’ during sessions. 

  • Keep spare mats for kids to borrow as they often turn up to yoga class without one. 
  • Get mats that are durable, lightweight, latex-free and non-toxic. Don’t take any chances with the little ones.
  • Watch out for poses like Downward Facing Dog, Planks and Side Planks where mats can slip from underneath them. 
  • Pay attention during the Warrior or Triangle poses and ensure that both their feet are on the mat so that they don’t slide apart into a painful split.
  • When kids enter a yoga studio or room where the mats are already laid out, their instinct is to hop and skip on the mats like hoverboards. Have the mats off the floor if you don’t want children to do that. 

Now that we’ve laid out the mats, get flowing with your yoga sessions. Let the little yogis evolve into their practice, but remember to make it fun. Children naturally take to the exercises that are presented to them as playtime. Include props, toys and stories in your sessions and watch them go back home refreshed and recharged. 

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