Exclusively Curated Yoga Curriculum For Schools

Yoga isn’t just one session in the physical education programs in schools. It is definitely not just about postures, breathing, and meditation. Its true purpose is to bring out students’ unawakened potentialities and elevate their minds. Up till now, our education system has widely focused on imparting ‘Job Oriented Culture’ that are skewed to developing the intellect. This where yoga plays a crucial role as it gently guides the intuitive and creative aspects of children’s’ personalities thus allowing for more balanced and enriching‘Self Culture’ experiences.

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Today’s children face enormous pressure to perform within a world that is often overwhelming and confusing. Stress, tension, and anxiety are the buzz words even amongst the little ones. At a time like this, yoga ensures that the journey of students is both internal and external. Our Yoga Zoo curriculum offers innovative programs for age 0- 14 years age groups to help build spiritual, emotional, mental and physical resilience. It focuses on imbibing Samskaras (good values), building emotional balance, teaching social and emotional learning skills, developing self-control and achieving physical excellence. We believe in empowering students so that they are able to handle any situation in life with grace and gratitude. It is this attitude that stays with them – long after they graduate and become masters of their own lives.

Our Yoga Services

Our offerings include comprehensive content and trained professionals that support the ease and consistency of implementation. You can choose from any of the options available below.


Yoga Zoo’s curated premium curriculum especially designed for your academic institution + Our trained and certified teachers + Monthly quality checks


Yoga Zoo curated curriculum especially designed for your academic institution. Kids yoga teachers training program provided per module.


Our curriculum has been designed over 15 years of teaching thousands of children and educators. It incorporates up to date research and best practices as it seamlessly integrates mobility, movement, and mindfulness.

  • Dynamic classes rooted in the Yoga Zoo methodology that is designed to support the whole-child philosophy.
  • Educate the whole brain – tapping into the intellectual and intuitive powers.
  • Imbue the fundamentals of well-being for students very early on – mind, body, and soul working in tandem.
  • Harness the power of breathing for a better quality of life.
  • Build a sense of personal power through physical mobility and strength.
  • Boost student’s self-esteem and confidence through self-love and acceptance techniques.
  • Manage stress and emotional difficulties through brain relaxation techniques.
  • Harmonize students’ personalities to become focused, compassionate and resilient individuals.
  • Support self-awareness and regulation in students through mindfulness practices.
  • Resources including workbooks, posters, instructional manuals and more.
  • Top-notch quality of instruction by certified yoga and mindfulness teachers.
  • Complete commitment to your kids and the entire school community.
  • Certification for every child for every level.


Our curriculum is tailor-made as per every school’s specific requirements and annual concepts. The curriculum is designed to be age-appropriate and to help students navigate and overcome the challenges of specific to their age. The goal is to create a school climate that is more fun, playful,creative, compassionate and inclusive as we incorporate the best of yoga practices.

0-23 Months

2-6 Years

7-14 Years

Teachers Testimonials

  • Yoga Zoo has helped me gain confidence in myself as a teacher and as an individual. Today, I feel delighted to see the same confidence reflect in the little ones when they are unafraid to close their eyes during meditation. Yes, children do meditate and can actually feel the essence of yogic practices. At Yoga Zoo, I’ve earned name, fame and respect through the journey of yoga and transforming little lives.
    Duriya Changi, veteran Yoga Zoo teacher for 7.5 years
  • Yoga Zoo has been fantastic and so very positive for my soul. This amazing body and mind journey has helped me grow in my self-esteem and my being. And I feel so grateful to share the same with my students. How simple postures and sitting tall can completely change our outlook about ourselves! Today, I am someone who can stand tall on my feet and I am economically independent as well.
    Ummehani, skilled Yoga Zoo teacher for 4 years
  • deepa-parekh
    Making children do yoga is very easy; the difficulty is in getting them to LOVE yoga. That is what we strive for, and it feels like we have achieved it too! Yoga Zoo has a well-designed curriculum and is so well equipped with umpteen props to carry it out. Teaching children concepts likes bhavas and training them to do karma yoga so early on is like an initiation to becoming better human beings. And the bonus - seeing children’s smiles at the end of the yoga class gives me an absolute satisfaction!
    Deepa Parekh, proficient Yoga Zoo teacher for 10.5 years
  • farida-rangwala
    The role played by Yoga Zoo has been instrumental in creating and changing perceptions about me, and also that yoga can be so much fun. I love engaging children through storytelling, props and exciting games. They can so easily pick up the essence of what we are trying to teach them. Indeed, this journey has been a rollercoaster ride, but those cheerful smiles, and little 'teacher we love you' notes from the children are what keep me going!
    Farida Rangwala, seasoned Yoga Zoo teacher for over 8.5 years
  • Ms. Ravinder Kaur and Ms. Jasmeet Kaur have been magical mentors who are always sharing new ways of teaching and learning. I have learnt so much about positivity and creativity and I enjoy seeing children explore their imagination and originality. We as a Yoga Zoo family teach children the way of life. It is like sowing seeds that will grow into beautiful trees bearing sweet fruits.
    Rinkle Gala, expert Yoga Zoo teacher for 5 years
  • vibhuti-shah
    My senior teachers have always guided me in the class with the purest intention of just sharing their knowledge. Whenever we’ve had problems regarding the syllabus, the seniors are always there to explain, support and encourage us to go ahead and take the class with full gusto. At Yoga Zoo, I’ve learnt that NO is not acceptable and that I am capable of achieving anything that I set my intent on.
    Vibhuti Shah, dynamic Yoga Zoo teacher for 2 years
  • suneetha-rao
    I was as a teacher for adults and teaching children initially was quite challenging. However, I was encouraged, guided and supported at every step so much so that today I can take a class in my sleep! There is so much ease and flow within me and the credit for this goes to everyone at Yoga Zoo. We work together like a family and we have an amazing team!
    Suneetha Roa, gifted Yoga Zoo teacher for 10 years
  • sonal-parekh
    I was very apprehensive about teaching children yoga when I started. It was fun though stressful and tiring. It is now more than 10 years that I have been associated with Yoga Zoo and I not only learn new things every day but also, I personally feel, that teaching the young ones is so far more rewarding as their minds and bodies are very adaptive and flexible. Whatever is imparted is absorbed with an open mind.  
    Sonal, talented Yoga Zoo teacher for 10 years