Our Programmes

Baby Yogazoo

8 – 18 months – Anytime, Anywhere

Oh, they are born Yogis!

“A baby’s most natural state is bliss” – Helen Garabedian

  • Poses and actions of babies have inspired yogic postures over thousands of years ago.
  • A baby doesn’t need any experience to do yoga!
  • However, with the advent of devices that restrict the movements of babies, yoga helps re-induce their natural actions to maintain their innocence.


2 – 6 years- Gifting You A Happy Child

“Education is the root. Culture is the flower. Wisdom is the fruit” – Swami Sivananda Saraswati

  • Children are more trainable – yoga lessons through Play.
  • Building Samskaras (Impressions) to develop the Intuitive Mind.
  • By the age of 3, a child is mastering the most complex skill it will ever acquire in life – speech.
  • By the age of 5, the brain is already 90% of its adult weight.

Yuktaha Yoga

7 – 14 years – Yoga Lessons Starts

From Samskaras to Shiksha (Yoga Education)

“If you want to see the silver lining on the horizon it is not you and me, but the children who have to be spiritualised.”- Swami Satyananda Saraswati

  • This age is a crucial milestone in the physiological and psychological development of each individual.
  • Discipline must be inculcated
  • The nature and sensitivity of immune responses mounted by an individual are virtually determined at this age.
  • Continual yogic practice ensures ongoing and perpetual development of the mind and body throughout life.