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Babies are always in a state of bliss. Yoga is their innate nature and hence we adults must unearth and channelize this potential in them. Doctors advocate that movement can be beneficial for babies. Babies who are encouraged to explore movement tend to have greater confidence when it comes time to sit, stand, crawl, and walk. Baby and toddler yoga focuses not only on creating the physical movements for the child, but it also combines mindfulness, staying present in the moment, and breath awareness. All of this helps build a rhythm between the babies and the adults and it elevates the sense of trust and security in the little ones.

Yoga can help parents and caregivers bond with the baby more deeply thus understanding the child’s needs better. When babies are gently and patiently assisted in simple poses it builds their body awareness and develops a positive self-image as they progress to the next developmental milestone. Additionally, yoga is known to aid better sleep, improved digestion, relief from gas pains and mild colic, and build a stronger immune system. Sharing yoga mindfulness with your baby will form a positive impression to nurture a yogic approach for life – a life full of joy, ease, and fulfillment.

Course Contents

Every day is different around the babies. They are constantly growing and evolving and so are you. Our Budding Beginners curriculum empowers parents and caregivers with the confidence and techniques to create wondrous and happy days while handling the more challenging days with finesse. We understand that babies don’t come with manuals and bringing them up can be perplexing. A touch of yogic techniques can transform this process into a loving and grateful experience for the babies and you!

  • Must-do morning stretches for little yogis
  • Pause-n-Play techniques to inculcate patience
  • Instill breath awareness
  • Harmonious body coordination routines
  • Strong-n-Steady body balance postures
  • Fine and gross motor skills development tips
  • Baby bonding and interaction activities
  • Yoga poses, games and rhymes to release the pent-up energy
  • Diffuse temper flares, tantrums, and stress through exercises
  • Physical, emotional and social development techniques
  • Cultivate self-esteem through positive interactions
  • Being quiet techniques to enhance the feeling of serenity
  • Sweet dreams bedtime routine

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Additional Information

  • Style: Child-friendly Ashtanga Yoga?
  • Participants will receive certificates upon completion.

What are the inclusions?

  • Course kit
  • Resource material list
  • Renowned guest lectures