About us

Our journey towards Yoga zoo began way back as children, for yoga had been a significant part of our lives. As we grew to understand the startling benefits of yogic practices, we took up a back to roots study, first individually and then as fate would have it, together, to collectively spread the message of its benefits.

Officially founded in 2007 by Ravinder Kaur and Jasmeet Kaur, the development of nuanced courses for Yoga zoo took 2 years of dedicated research, which was of course backed by a lifetime of learning.

Yoga zoo’s driving force and cardinal purpose is to focus on “Truth, Consciousness and Beauty“- all that is best to humankind– the ideal aim.

What Sets Yoga zoo Apart?

  • Have you ever been encouraged by your teacher to be noisy in class?
  • Have you ever fooled around like a clown in the circus at yoga class?
  • Have you ever danced to the tunes of happy songs for yoga?
  • Have you gone out and planted trees in the neighborhood with your friends?
  • Let us help you tick these off your list!
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