How Yoga can help children at Yoga Zoo Mumbai

children are yoga
Children are Yoga!
March 21, 2017
childrens are sponges
Children are like sponges when they are young
October 3, 2019
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How Yoga can help children at Yoga Zoo Mumbai

yoga can help children

How yoga can help children at Yoga Zoo Mumbai?

Children’s spend their time doing homework and school extra-curricular activities. children’s have no time for free play or any physical activities which help them to feel relief and relaxed. children face  interference and academic pressure too early in life.  Also children’s distress by their own insecurities and fears. Yoga can help children deal with this environment which re-fill energy and confidence into their personalities.

  • Namaste: The light in me sees the light in you
  • Yoga develops body, mind and breath.
  • Yoga is non-competitive.
  • Yoga teaches self-acceptance.
  • Yoga encourages healthy habits.
  • Yoga helps to Focus. Focus. Focus.
  • Yoga helps to increase breathing and lung capacity.
  • Yoga teaches calming techniques
  • Yoga supports positive mental health in children.

International Yoga Day

Make room in your heart to create, because with little imagination, anything is possible! On International Yoga Day, we witnessed the power of community and wild creativity. We asked our children to create space in their minds by emptying out all their fears. Take a deep breath and close their eyes, because however they are they fit in just just fine!#yoga #internationalyogaday #worldyogaday #childrensyoga #kidsyoga #happyyoga #littleyogis #children #mumbai #wittyinternational #workshop

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