How to master your skills as a yoga teacher for kids?

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December 21, 2019
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How to master your skills as a yoga teacher for kids?

yoga teacher for kids

How to master your skills as a yoga teacher for kids?

Yoga isn’t just in the poses – it’s in the mind, spirit and every moment of life. So can a course prepare you to promote all of this? Yes, a specialized age appropriate course will empower you to teach young minds and will also help you to connect with your inner being.

The course should be specially designed using philosophy, sadhana, and practice to prepare you to teach yoga. But yoga for kids isn’t just in the theory or practices; you must deliver sessions that are fun, interactive and engaging. Games tend to focus attention more effectively than most other teaching devices, partly because they involve the student actively rather than passively. You should also connect to the child within you through play, laughter, exploration, and expression. Remember, you as yoga teacher would not want to simply entertain children but provide an environment for utilization of all yoga activities for unfolding and balancing the total personality of the child. As the child grows older and enters school, the presentation of yoga can take on a more structured form as do other class activities. By choosing the right course you will be able to effectively teach babies and children who are born yogis. Join in and contribute to creating an empowered, responsible and compassionate next generation who are ready for an increasingly complex and challenging world.

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Foundation Course: Pre-schoolers & Pre-adolescence

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