Theme Based Yoga

Our mission to spread spiritual awareness to childrens and each individuals we cross paths with, has kept us on our toes throughout, as we’re always trying our best to make yoga as accessible as we can to each one. This led us to develop specialised, theme-based programmes, the sole focus of which would be to help our children realise the deeper meaning to our symbolised yoga culture.

In our yoga journey to simplify cultural symbolism, we undertook a back to roots study of sorts, to understand the nitty-gritties of our FOLK. As we progressed to seek answers to all our questions, we had an epiphany!


By introducing this theme-based yoga for children, we are making an effort to open the minds of our children to understand the significance of CULTURE and FESTIVITIES as a path to spiritual awakening.

Dr. Maria Montessori has observed that children possess the innate desire to explore, discover and learn about their world. A sense of responsibility for oneself and actions is the key to a healthy social adjustment.

We believe that exposing a child to the tenets of a culture, in the manner that we intend to, would help the children perceive his surroundings with a bit more depth. Learning must not be confined to just books but is multi-faceted. Introducing the child to his culture through the mode of yoga, at such an early age would provide a framework in which intellectual and social discipline go hand in hand.